World of V
World of V

The first and largest #GreenNFTs marketplace on VeChain.

Create & collect with 0 gas fees.

Set up your wallet
To get started on World of V, set up your wallet of choice: Sync2 (desktop) or Sync 2 Lite (mobile). Connect your wallet and get ready to mint your NFTs!
Create your profile
Once you connected your wallet, create a profile by selecting a username and an email address.
Mint your NFTs
Upload your artworks (image, audio, video), customize them with a title and get ready to mint. Don’t worry about gas fees: we take care of them! Minting is easy and free.
List them for sale
Now you’re ready to Sell your NFTs on World of V: you can offer a fixed price or run an auction, and list your artworks in VET or WoV Token with 0 gas fees.