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The WoV Genesis Cards collection consists of a total of 10,000 NFT: 50 editions of 200 unique cards celebrating the VeFam journey around the world.
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FREE Daily WoV Token
WoV token are generated by your World of V cards: based on the number of cards minted, each holder will generate daily WoV tokens consistent with the level of the card owned. There are two main categories of WoV Cards: the Genesis 2021 Cards and the Special Cards.
Generate WoV every day:

Genesis Cards

10 WoV per day

Gold Cards

20 WoV per day

Voyager Cards

30 WoV per day

Platinum Cards

30 WoV per day

X-Node Cards

50 WoV per day

Moon Cards

50 WoV per day

Flower Cards

80 WoV per day

Africa Cards

100 WoV per day

Olympic Cards

100 WoV per day

Whale Cards

500 WoV per day
VET floor price
2.4K VET
WoV floor price
27.5K WoV
Highest offer
3.5K vVET
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