World of V Launchpad: Create, Deploy, Launch!

WoV Launchpad is the one-stop solution that allows artists and community builders to focus on what they do best: creating art.

Our services include an extensive bundle of products that will remove the barriers of entry into the NFT space, providing technical and strategic support to ensure a successful launch.

We're passionate about delivering innovative solutions to fit your needs.

A Suite of Services & Tools for NFT Creators

Minting Support

We provide full technical support before and throughout the mint to ensure a seamless experience for collectors, along with a custom minting page and dApp.

Strategy consulting

Through our strategic consulting services we provide guidance, in-depth analysis and marketing advice to help you achieve your goals.

Randomized minting

Our smart contract is designed to ensure full NFT randomisation during the minting event, guaranteeing a fair and transparent distribution.


Thanks to Arweave, we provide a a tamper-proof, permanent storage solution for your NFTs and metadata, making them accessible without having to worry about maintenance or costs.

NFT reveal

Instant or delayed reveal? Choose the strategy that best fits your needs after the minting event.


Project will be able to utilize our NFT staking mechanism to incentivize their community of holders with rewards distributed in $WoV token.

NFT additional utilities

Projects launching on WoV will get access to customised utilities such as breeding, burning & airdrops.

Full VIP-180 integration

Select VET or any VeChain Ecosystem (VIP-180) token as a payment option for the mint.

State-of-the-art marketplace

World of V offers cutting-edge features such as collection offers & batch mint/sell/offer that will greatly enhance the collecting experience.

Discord Bot Services

We’ll set up and implement customized Bots for your Discord server to keep your community up to date with sales, offers and listings of your project on World of V.

Media Support

We’ll provide visibility to your project through our social media and access to our art direction resources and tools to strengthen your communication strategy.

Phygital integration

Thanks to VeChain native tools, we enable artists to integrate their physical artwork with an NFC chip containing the NFT, thus creating a hybrid experience for the collectors.

We're looking forward to starting a project with you: Get in touch now!